Comments on Fires Show Need for Dog-Friendly Evacuations

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Michele Sacca   navarre, FL

9/12/2008 8:36:23 AM

I am looking for a site that has a list of pet friendly hotels within a 100 - 200 mile radius from Navarre fl in an evacuation situation without having to go and locate or list all individual cities. Is there such a site?

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megan   somewherein, OH

10/24/2007 9:04:28 AM

thanks for the tips

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Bailey & Mom   Westbury, NY

10/24/2007 8:55:48 AM

I'm glad to see that there is a need for pet friendly rescues. As pet owners we need to be prepared in the event of a disaster. Thanks for the list of what to include in the kit.

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shannon   Redding, CA

10/23/2007 11:26:19 PM

Thank You dog channel for all the info

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Mary   Battle Creek, MI

10/23/2007 3:56:52 PM

Great list of things to have!


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Miguel   Anaheim, CA

10/23/2007 12:50:52 PM

These people that refuse to leave their pets behind are draining valuable time and resources from the firefighters. When you are refusing to leave they must get you out and they can no longer focus on fighting the fire. Your lack of planning and stubborn nature causes more land, houses and human and pet lives to be lost.

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