Comments on ASPCA Honors 2007 Dog of the Year

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robin   St. Petersburg, FL

4/21/2010 7:21:35 AM

How do we enter our wonderful "Little Horatio" in this contest? We are the Area Agency on Aging responsible for the elderly in our part of Florida. One of our departments works with elder abuse, and one of the Victim Advocates acquired Horatio from his elderly owner when she could no longer care for him; he protected her from her abusive son for a long time by covering her with his body. He took the blows on himself. As a result, he suffered severe neurological damage, has to wear sunglasses (!), but is a happy, healthy guy today.

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Veda   Tonawanda, NY

11/1/2007 4:50:59 PM

Animals are so amazing. Every one of these awards are well deserved. I loved the article.

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sarah   chicago, IL

11/1/2007 1:53:50 PM

those r all such cool honors! Congratulations everyone!

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kino   Spring Valley, CA

11/1/2007 1:09:56 PM

thanks for sharing

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rene'   plaquemine, LA

11/1/2007 9:27:36 AM

wow! those are true heroic stories from all walks of life!


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megan   somewherein, OH

11/1/2007 8:01:50 AM

thanks for this article

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Donna   Limington, ME

11/1/2007 6:21:26 AM

This is great, and I would like to find out how to become involved too!

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