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Jackie   Kensington, NH

12/30/2009 6:24:33 PM

I think that Michael Vick can do more good on the outside of prison than on the inside. The only way to prove his sincerity, is to promote more positive things to do with Pit bulls or any dog, like weight pulling. Pit Bulls are very good at it and it's a very macho competition. He needs to use some of the money (forever) he earns with the Eagles, to educate against dog fighting. What better person to do it. He grew up with it, and he went to jail for it. Whether or not he is really sorry, only time will tell. But there can only be good that comes out of this, if he really wants to. One thing that is good ...the Michael Vick dogs got a second chance. That was clearly unheard of, and it was proved you can rehabilitate fighting dogs. Almost all fighting dogs were put down before that. No questions asked. I'm no expert, but any dog fighting clip i've seen on the news or on Animal Planet, most of the dogs try to back off. It's the people who egg them on or force them to continue. So, Let's give Michael a chance to make things right. If he doesn't, then he has to meet his maker some day, and in my opinion, there's a special bad place for people like that.

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