Feeding the Beagle

These nutrition tips cover all canine needs, as well as the Beagle's unparalleled love of food.


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For show dogs and field dogs with high-energy demands, many breeders feed a performance diet. Dr. Carey says a good diet should be sufficient for highly active dogs. If your Beagle needs extra energy to combat stress or perform in the ring, stick with snacks that are protein- and fat-based instead of sugary ones.

No matter how good a diet, a Beagle that eats less than normal could be in serious trouble. Don't wait until your Beagle stops eating before your rush it to the veterinary clinic, because chances are your dog would rather die than stop eating, Fulkerson advises. We just had a dog that was so sick you can't imagine. She still didn't miss a meal and would grab cookies out of your hand. If people rely on their Beagle to stop eating as a sign of sickness, then they're going to end up with a dead dog.

So how can you use an eating pattern to determine if your Beagle should visit the veterinarian? We have one rule: If the rate at which your puppy eats goes down, immediately take it to the doctor, Fulkerson says.

The bottom line is, no one said good nutrition was easy. Your dog can tell you more about how it feels and what does a body good through its demeanor than any package can. With a little more knowledge about the new roles of protein, fats and other items in your dogs diet, finding the best for your Beagle can be a lot less complicated. If you have more questions about your dogs nutrition, you can call most pet food manufacturers or your local veterinarian.

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janet   Bethlehem, PA

5/8/2012 4:18:40 AM

good article, thank you

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