The Doberman Diet

Help your Dobe be all it can be by feeding nutrient-rich meals.


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Price comparisons between premium brands and less expensive varieties will reveal that premium food costs significantly more per bag. An important element to remember when shopping is that premium foods also offer a concentrated source of nutrition. This means your Doberman will need fewer cups per day in contrast to a cheaper diet. Consequently, a bag of premium food can last as long or longer than a brand that originally costs less. 

Premium foods make cleaning up after your pet easier as well. Some diets seem to result in as much going out as went ina sign of poor utilization. A quality food yields relatively small, firm stools.

A consideration when reading package labels is the protein-to-fat ratio. Because caloric levels are directly related to protein and fat levels, this listing will help you determine the optimum food for your dogs specific needs. Most quality brands offer a range of dry food formulas suitable for various metabolic requirements. For instance, if your Doberman is still a puppy, it will need a higher percentage of calories to meet the stress of both physical and mental growth. Not only that, but all that running around and gettin into mischief burns up a fair amount of energy. Puppy foods supply the extra fuel needed at this critical stage.

How much to feed an active Doberman youngster can be another dilemma for the new owner. Although most packages offer serving size suggestions, beware of following these guidelines to the letter. You'll need to measure the food carefully and adjust the amount to suit your dogs needs. Puppies stomachs are seemingly bottomless pits, which means that if you offer them food, they will eatwhether they really need it or not. While the vision of a roly-poly pup waddling about the yard can be heartwarming, the reality is that extra weight on young bones and joints can create havoc when it comes to proper development. One way to gauge weight is to run your hands down your puppys sides. You should be able to feel its ribs, though they should not protrude nor be too readily visible. Dependent of course upon age, its movement should be free and easy rather than a waddle.

Clouse strongly advises owners against the practice of free-feeding, which allows an animal constant access to food. By feeding controlled portions, you can adjust the amount given to your animal according to its particular needs. All dogs are different as far as activity level, metabolism and environmental stressesfactors that contribute to overall dietary requirements. Puppies generally feel the need to eliminate after eating, so scheduled feedings can also make housetraining easier on both you and your dog.

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JJohn Castillo   Naples, Maine

3/7/2015 7:10:58 PM

Hi, My Doberman,Tazer, eats 3 cups of Purina 1 dry big puppy food three times a day. He is now 11 months old. I tried mixing half of his food with dry adult food but he got diarrhea badly. He also threw up the next
When do I change his diet from puppy chow to adult chow?

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janet   bethlehem, PA

12/19/2011 4:27:53 AM

good article, thank you

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