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Sweat Mountain Dog Park

4346 Steinhauer Road
Marietta, GA 30066

Avg. Rating 4.0 out of 5 Reviews (2)

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Park Size: 4 acres
Fenced? No

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Emily - Marietta, GA
Rating: 3


I recently started taking my 9 year old greyhound to this dog park after her sister died to take her mind off of things. It is relatively clean, handy poop bags are available, shady, and large. Usually on Thursday afternoons the park fills up (especially in the large dog area) and the doggy parents are too involved with chatting with one another that they don't look after their dogs. Most of the dogs are very well behaved and respectful towards other dogs and their owners. Even the not neutered dogs are well behaved. My greyhound thoroughly enjoyed walking along the fence and marking everything. The second time I went, however was not as enjoyable. Friday afternoons there are only a few people around. This instance there was an uncontrollable pit bull puppy. The owners only got ahold of their dog (or tried to) after it was repeatedly jumping on me and my hound after my greyhound growled at it. I've seen fights break out amongst the large dogs every time it have been. Basically, it's a very nice park with 80% good owners with good dogs. You should always be following your dog around incase a not so nice dog comes along.

Review 2 out of 2

Wanda - Acworth, GA
Rating: 5


This is the most awesome dog park. It has alot of trees which makes it very shady and cooler in the summertime. It has a water fountain and bags available for your convience to pick up after your pooch. It is convient, but off of the road a bit and has alot of parking space. It is the best one so far I have found near my home.

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