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Dog Spot

Cleveland Ave.
Huntsville, AL 35801

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Dog Spot is Huntsville's First Dog Park. We are very excited about this opportunity for you and your dog to meet and play with other dogs and dog owners. The park is completely free to visitors. We simply require that dogs and dog owners following the park rules. Dog Spot has separate fenced areas for small and large dogs. The City of Huntsville's Dog Spot or Alabama's first Dog Park was official opened December 6th, 2007! This 2-acre fenced area is a place where dog are not just invited, but this area was created exclusively for dogs and their owners. So, what is a Dog Park? Dog parks are a fast growing America trend of providing “green space” just for dogs! These areas are completely fenced to ensure dog safety, but are “leash free zones” for dogs. The parks are solely designed to delight the canine spirit. The City of Huntsville's Dog Spot promotes responsible pet ownership and encourages the socialization of dogs to other dogs and people. Animal welfare agencies all agree that dog who do not receive adequate exercise and socialization are at a great risk for developing behavioral issues. Dog Parks allow pet owners to safely witness their pets? normal canine behaviors and learn to appreciate the phrase that “a happy dog is a tired dog!” Dogs have become an important part of the American family. More and more dogs are treated like children; therefore, playgrounds for dogs are desired. Do's and Don'ts Dogs must be current of their Rabies Vaccination. Rabies Vaccination are required by State Law and City Ordinance. Rabies virus is a disease that can be spread from dogs to humans. All dogs should be vaccinated annual by their veterinarian. Owners must scoop their pet's poop. All pet owners be vigilant to remove any and all feces
Amenities: Fenced
Location: Dog Spot is located on Cleveland Ave. which runs between Church St. and Meridian St. just north of downtown Huntsville and right off of I-565.
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Fee: None
Membership Requirement: None
Park Hours: Sunrise to Sunset everyday of the year
Park Size:
Fenced? Yes

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