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Willis Tucker Dog Park

Puget Park Drive
Snohomish, WA 98296

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It is a fairly large park, with three seperate fenced in areas. One is "the big dog area", which is probably roughly 2.5 or 3 acres of completely fenced in marshland, trees, meadow and forest areas. This area also has water bowls, tennis balls, an agility course and benches. I would recommend this area for dogs who love to play with other dogs, and who are extremely well socialized. There is also a little dog area, where I like to take my dogs. This area is much smaller in comparison, probably 0.5 acres at biggest. This area is usually a lot less crowded. It has some little trails in the back for the exploring dog, and a huge mound of dirt to dig in, and a bench for owners to sit down on. I would reccommend this for the shy, elderly or young dog. Finally, there is a big forested trail part. We rarely go in this because it is usually pretty muddy and not all the way fenced in. But if you and your dog love hiking, this would be the park for you! I would reccommend this to well behaved bigger dogs that cannot slip through small holes easily and don't mind getting dirty. But overall, this is a very fun park.
Amenities: Benches, Disposal bags, Fenced, Obstacle course, Picnic area, Playground, Puppies-only area, Restrooms
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Fee: no
Membership Requirement: no
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Fenced? Yes

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