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Cosmo Dog Park

2502 E. Ray Road
Gilbert, AZ 85296

Avg. Rating 1.8 out of 5

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Review 1 out of 4

Ben - Gilbert, AZ
Rating: 1


I first visited this park about 4 years ago and it was amazing. Now it's just a dust bowl filled with feces and putrid water that I wouldn't let my dog near. Way to waste money and abandon maintenance Gilbert....

Review 2 out of 4

Dirk - Chandler, AZ
Rating: 4


I just moved into the area (Jan 2010) and the first thing I did was find a list of dog parks. So far I have only visited two parks. Yes there is issues with owners who do not clean up after their dogs, but overall I think the park is nice. I have gone multiple times and met some very nice people and seen some beautiful dogs. 90%+ of the owners are very aware of their dog’s behavior and are prompt to take care of any issues that might arise. You enter into a small fenced area and from there you can go though one of two gates. One goes into a manmade pond with a beach; the beach area and pond are nice touches that allow my dogs to cool off after running in the open field. The second gate goes into the open field where there is a concrete A-Frame, a raised concrete walkway, and a high hurdle. Along the fence line are some benches, garbage barrels, and bag dispensers. Both sections have a spot with a hose to allow you to rinse off you’re your dog(s). There is a totally separate small dog area across the main side walk. My vet always recommends getting Bordatella vaccine shots when taking your dog to places were there going to be groups of dogs. I would also like to mention that there is a kids area and bathrooms near the parking lot.

Review 3 out of 4

Cheryl - Tempe, AZ
Rating: 1


I have to agree with the other review. When the park first opened it was nice, but lack of maintenance and lack of owner clean up has made this park kind of undesirable. Last time I took my dog to this park with a friend, both dogs came down with kennel cough. The dogs all go potty in the lake and then drink the water. Not a very clean place.

Review 4 out of 4

Tracy - Mesa, AZ
Rating: 1


This park is absolutely filthy. I am serious when I say that if I made a grid of one foot squares I would find at least one pile of poop in every square in the entire park. It was disgusting. To think that dogs are swimming in the pond with all this sh.... on the grounds running off into the water, what a health hazard. Not to mention people wading in the water with their dogs! The park is a fantastic idea, very nicely set-up (except for the fact that one side of the lake is open and it's a very, very short swim to the freedom of the loop 202 and certain death. So-filth and open lake where dogs can get onto the freeway, what were they thinking? The parks department needs to get out there and do something about this. I will not be back, that's for sure!

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