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Dog Wood Park

7407 Salisbury Rd
South Jacksonville, FL 32256

Avg. Rating 3.8 out of 5

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Review 1 out of 6

peter and hannah - jacksonville, FL
Rating: 5


Many of us do not have the luxory of having a large fenced in back yard. Dogwood park provides a great atmosphere along with a huge pond for our black lab. He loves it.

Review 2 out of 6

Victoria - Jacksonville, FL
Rating: 3


While the space was great, I found it very sun beaten down. The "mountain" was actually "flat". Along with the pond was rather mucky. Trails were worn down, and people weren't able to keep up with their dog in the thick woods. I liked the big open, spaces with a variaty of items and frequent cleaning stations. If some more management applyed, it would be fantastic.

Review 3 out of 6

Tina - Jacksonville, FL
Rating: 5


My dog loves this park and all the many friends she has met there. Alot of land to roam and explore. The pond is her favorite area. The other dog owners are so friendly. Also very alert to their dogs needs.

Review 4 out of 6

Michelle - Jacksonville, FL
Rating: 4


My dogs love this park. It has a separate fenced area for small dogs with a small pond if they like to swim, nature trails, a big field if your dog likes to run, sand hills for digging, a large pond for the big dogs, a night dog area, and an agility field. I think the management is fine and certainly more friendly than the last group. They do have some events but don't seem to post them on the website as often. I have been to other dog parks and this is by far the best one!!

Review 5 out of 6

Lucas - Jacksonville, FL
Rating: 3


Louis is right. It seems the management has gone down hill and they no longer hold little get togethers/events, but if you are a dog person both you and your dog will love this place.

Review 6 out of 6

Rating: 3


Although the park started out great, some areas such as the lake are getting very nasty. There is lots of poop everywhere in the park and it doesn't seem like management keeps their eye on park users to make sure it is cleaned up. The special events don't occur very often anymore. My dogs however could not live without this park!

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