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Rocky Top Dog Park

Princeton, NJ 08540

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Review 1 out of 3

Courtney Greener - Hopewell, NJ
Rating: 1


WOW! Great prak. its clean, safe, and fun!

Review 2 out of 3

Watson - South Brunswick, NJ
Rating: 1


Discrimination and Interrogation My dog was a new member at the park. I spent 30 minutes in the SB community center signing up my dog Watson to join the park run by the township. I paid membership and got my key. I had spent a week at the park and my 3 yr. old rescue dog was loving it. However on Sunday June 3, 2012, my family was harassed and interrogated by an employee Jennifer who was accusing us of not being members. She demanded I hand her my gate key leaving me and my family locked in the facility. Well, luckily, there is an emergency button which we eventually found out, but I was outraged by the way I was treated, considering I paid the membership fee. Even though there were seven other dogs at the park, Jennifer decided to discriminate against me, my family and my dog (a shep/pit bull mix). She also was extremely rude and seemed to get a kick out of giving us a hard time. There should be supervision of the staff, particularly now that the park is operated by South Brunswick Twp.

Review 3 out of 3

Christine - Kendall Park, NJ
Rating: 5


This park is great even in the summer for my Samoyed. There's a pond for the dogs to swim and cool off in and lots of shade trees. Great park to spend the afternoon.

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