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"Washington Park" Dog Park

1098 Washington Park Ln
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

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Chris - Winston Salem, NC
Rating: 4


William is an owner who doesn't understand dog parks at all. Instead of acclimating his dog he should acclimate himself. Having a leashed dog in an unleashed dog park is asking for trouble. And holding your dog by the collar is another problem. You are asking for dogs to do something. I have been to this park multiple times ever since my dog was 3 months old. I have only seen problems from bad owners and children whose parents haven't taught them how to interact with dogs.

Review 2 out of 3

William - Mocksville, NC
Rating: 2


Well fenced and equipped with tables, shade, and poop bags / disposal. Water is readily available. I had read in other reviews that the only problem at Washington was the presence of large aggressive dogs upon occasion. I found that to be true. My visit did not end well. I left the park with a bitten hand from the large breed black dog (Newfoundland / Chow Chow mix?). In an effort to acclimate my dog to the park, I walked the circumference with him on the leash first but did not make it around. At one point, as the large black dog approached, I held my dog by the collar to control the meeting. The large unleashed black dog got aggressive and nipped my dog. Then a large Doberman came and turned on my dog too. I held mine by the collar and tried to protect him from both dogs who were now attacking him. The large black dog then went for my dog's throat and got my hand. No stitches as as I have no insurance and would not go to urgent care. Ran to the drug store, bought band-aids, gauze, and ointment. Stopped the bleeding the best I could then washed and dressed it in in their washroom. Not a good day in the park at all. While there is always a risk in socializing dogs, my retriever mix has not had problems in the past. Other owners need to be responsible also. Without any park supervision there, I simply left and will have to make a report. Return? No way. Too far to go to find out large and aggressive breeds are there.

Review 3 out of 3

valbella - Winston Salem, NC
Rating: 5


This is the first time I've ever been to an off leash dog park and I didn't know what to expect. I went to this park on a Fri, afternoon. There were several other dogs there of every size. One huge Great Dane and some small terriers. All dogs were getting along fine. No growling, or aggression. All dogs were very friendly. Lots of running and playing together. It has a fresh water supply and also a very clean shallow creek for your dog to swim. It may be a fluke but this was a good experience for my small dog and for me. I will be going back soon.

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