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Potso Dog Park

Tigard, OR 97223

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Cathy - tigard, OR
Rating: 4


I had the same experience as Tiffany! There are also some little mutt dogs with the same group, whose dogs are aggressive and bite. The owners act like it's your dogs fault. Very rude! They seem to come everyday for the group outing. I had a few words with "her" the owner of the misbehaving dog. She didn't seem to care.

Review 2 out of 4

Tiffany - Tigard, OR
Rating: 3


The park itself is great! Most of the people and dogs are friendly, but watch out for "peaches" and his irresponsible owners. This dog "plays" very rough and bites at other dogs ears and necks. The worst part of the whole thing is that they go to the park most every day and the owners are unresponsive and RUDE to the point of making others leave the park. To bad to have such a great dog park ruined but such unpleasant pet owners. My dog and I had to go down the street to Hall st. dog park just to relax. :(

Review 3 out of 4

Lindsey - Tigard, OR
Rating: 4


This park is so fun, and I love to take my dog there!

Review 4 out of 4

Saddie - Tigard, OR
Rating: 4


I absolutely love this dog park Tons of fun!!

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