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Millie Bush Bark Park

16756 Westheimer Pkwy
Houston, TX 77082

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Amy - Houston, TX
Rating: 3


This park is big, has everything we need to spent time with our dogs, 2 large ponds,is fenced, Tiffany described it wery well except for the one important thing this park is lacking of, RESPONSIBLE OWNERS, there are many owners that don't pick up after their dog has relief himself, if you go to this park you most likely end up stepping on it, please make good use of the bags that are available, there do the right thing!

Review 2 out of 2

Tiffany Moore - Houston, TX
Rating: 4


This park is fenced and double gated, has shaded seating, large and small dog areas each with their own cemented (non-muddy), treated pond, pick up bag stations, trash cans, fire hydrants, drinking fountains for humans and dogs, doggy rinse/shower stations, walking path, picnic table outside dog park fenced area, large parking lot.

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