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Rotary Centennial Park

10375 Sandlor St
Spring Hill, FL 34608

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Robin - Spring Hill, FL
Rating: 5


The only dog park in the entire county. Parking is NOT free, contrary to what Gail posted. It's $1 for the day, but you can buy an annual pass for $30. It's nice, big, and clean. Folks, for the most part, are pretty good about following the rules. It's well-used but not overly crowded

Review 2 out of 2

Gail - Aripeka, FL
Rating: 5


This park is the best thing to come to Spring Hill, Florida in a long time. It is well kept and since it is a county park, Hernando County makes sure all the rules are followed and everyone is safe and happy! This park was a much needed addition in this county and a long time coming. It is well used, there is almost always a crowd! The parking is plentiful and free, fun for humans and their dogs.

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