Show Dogs

Kennel Profile: Lajosmegyi Komondorok

A history of the celebrated kennel.

Campaigning a Dog

How can you and your dog get to Westminster?

Dog Show Judging and the AKC

An AKC judge discusses ethics, fakery and the AKC’s responsibility.

Can Your Dog be in Dog Shows?

Discover if your dog could become a show dog and take on the dog show circuit by going through this checklist.

It Takes a Touch of Magic

Winners unite showmanship and spirit in perfect proportion.


First-Timer’s Guide to Westminster

Whether at the show or watching from home, here’s what you need to know.

Early Dog Shows, Part I

The love-hate relationship that exists between the kennel clubs and large segments of the dog fancy community is certainly not new.

Top 10 Wishes For Dog Shows

What do dog people really want?

The Measure of Balance Amongst Dog Breeds

Why do breed standards differ on their definition of balance?

The Life and Times of a Kennel Club

The history of the Minneapolis Kennel Club reflects dramatic changes in the dog world.


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