Show Dogs

Inside Westminster Dog Show 2006

For the people and dogs competing at Westminster, winning isn't the only good thing.

Dog Breeding: To Mentor or Not to Mentor?

A young dog fancier asks if it's really all the "new" dog people's fault...

The Voice of Westminster Dog Show

Meet David Frei, the man who gives the venerable dog show its voice.

In the Ring

Rick Beauchamp on the in’s — and out’s — of judging procedure.

Reality' Dog Shows on TV

A judge feels that media attention influences decisions in the ring.


Success in Show Dogs

Can an unknown dog ever score a big win?

Looking Your Dog’s Best

What ring wear says about a dog.

Dog Show Judging in Canada, Eh?

An experienced dog show judge tells you what to expect from your first assignment over the border.

Dog Shows: Stack and Attention

The whole country is watching. Are you doing it right?

Learning the Dog Show Ropes

Judges' advice on dog shows, from start to finishing.


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