Dog Hazards at Home

Tips on dog-proofing your home

    Since your dog's esophagus is larger than her intestine, she's able to eat objects that can lodge in her bowel and cause problems.

    Watch out especially for:

  • Plastic toys

  • Rawhide chews

  • Bones

  • Sticks

  • Rocks

  • Clothes, especially underwear, socks, and pantyhose

  • Batteries

  • Golf balls

  • Bedding

  • Metal screening

  • Shoelaces

  • String, ribbons

  • Thread

  • Certain fiber-based laxatives

  • Coins


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Diane   Fuquay Varina, NC

11/7/2009 10:33:41 PM

I almost lost my small dog from choking on a partially eaten Dingo Dental mini bone.She was unable to make a
Her tongue turned blue and she became unconscious. I was finally able to remove it...barely. The piece was over 3 inches long. No more rawhide ANYTHING for my dogs ever again. If I had not been in the room when it happened, she would have certainly died. Readers be warned.

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Sheryl   Bloomington, IN

8/29/2008 5:50:33 PM

Important safety tip...thanks, Egon! :)

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Melba   San Juan, PR

7/4/2007 3:24:26 AM

very good advice for a first time owner but also a good reminder for veternas.

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