5 Awesome New Tech Gadgets for You and Your Dog

Technology is amazing, especially when it allows us to better interact with our dogs!

By | Posted: August 6, 2014, 12 p.m. PST

Once a year, the pet industry invades Las Vegas, Nevada to showcase the new and best products on the market for pets. This year’s SuperZoo filled the convention center with thousands of products aimed at making your dog’s life happier, healthier, and easier.

As we all know, products featuring technology are always big hits, and the pet industry it not going to be left behind. When it comes to making your life simpler, these high tech gadgets are sure to be on everyone’s Christmas lists, especially the dog’s.

1. iFetch

This fun new gadget started out as a Kickstarter campaign last year and just won a Best New Product Award at SuperZoo.


Ifetch Award

Grant Hill, manager of iFetch, poses with the iFetch and the award for DOG FANCY's Editor's Choice.


There is some training involved, unless you have a doggy Einstein. While I am a firm believer that people should play WITH their dogs, I believe this product does have a place and a purpose. For example, if you need to leave your dog home alone all day, at least this way he could get some exercise. Or, if you become ill or injured you dog does not need to get fat while you are laid up. And finally, if you are physically unable to play fetch, this allows your dog to get the exercise he needs and you can do something else with him as bonding time. $99.95 at goifetch.com




2. iCPooch

Another Kickstarter campaign success story, this one by a 14 year old! The iCPooch™ is a way for you to stay connected with your pet while you are away. The product is made to work with any smartphone or tablet – simply place on the treat dispenser and you can now "video chat” with your dog while you are awhile, as well as give him a cookie! The product was developed to help dogs with separation anxiety.  You just download the app, hook it up to your home network, and the device will auto-answer for your dog whenever you call. $149 at icpooch.com




3. PetChatz

Another version of a "video chat” for your dog, the PetChatz has a few more bells in whistles than the iCPooch, including its one camera and screen (no need to get nose prints or licks on your smartphone), records video, has a ringtone and a pleasant scent that is released every time you call your dog, and alerts you to sound and motion events. It also dispenses treats. For course, all those extras will cost you more, it can be pre-ordered for $349 at PetChatz.com, and will be shipped in October.




4. Motorola Scout 1 Video Pet Monitor

The Motorola Scout 1 lets pet owners watch their pets from just about anywhere! It was also selected as a DOG FANCY editor's choice award.



Julie Davidson, marketing manager of Motorola, poses with the Scout 1 and the award for Editor's Choice.



Armed with an interactive tilt, digital zoom, and the ability to record and take snapshots of live action, humans won’t have to worry about leaving their pets with the house to themselves. The Motorola Scout 1 is MAC, PC, Android, and iOS compatible, and features two-way communication, infrared night vision, and the ability to connect up to four cameras. $299.99, Petsmart.


Motorola Pet Monitor



5. K9FITVest® Dog Cool Vest by DogTread

This is not your ordinary piece of doggy outer wear. The K9FIT Vest is the first innovated vest to keep your canine athlete cool. It features lightweight, contouring material designed to fit snuggly, while allowing maximum freedom of movement. This high-tech wear has two removable ice packs that can keep your dog cool for roughly 30-40minutes while remaining soft to form to the contours of your dog’s back. Look for my review of this product later! $69.99 at DogTread.com



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Ellen - 15750   Madison, WI

10/2/2014 5:02:57 PM

I'd love to know what my dog does when I'm not around! Thanks for sharing these new products.

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