7 Products to Get Your Dog Fit This Year

We all know that well-meaning resolutions tend to fade away by mid-January, but we've got ideas to help you stay strong and keep it fun!

By | Posted: January 19, 2015, 8 a.m. PST

Did your New Year’s Resolution involve getting your pup in shape? Whether you are still going strong, have let it lapse, or haven't quite gotten around to starting, these ideas will get you excited to get your dog fit!

A few quick tips to keeping those resolutions: have a group of friends that has committed to accountability and encouragement; post your resolution in plain sight where you see it several times a day; make a reminder alarm on your smart device; and give yourself a goal with a reward when you reach it.

Aside from these tips, there are some great products out there that will help you get your dog in fit and keep your resolution. Let 2015 be THE year!

1. Star Walk

This awesome techy tool is simply amazing. It not only tracks your dog’s activity levels but connects to your smart device and alerts you when he needs exercise! It’s the ultimate way to make sure you are keeping those New Year’s Resolutions. iqpet.com 

Star Walk 

2. Walk and Donate Apps

There are several of these out including ResQWalk and Walk for a Dog. Though each one has its own specifics, basically when you walk your dog, you are helping fund your favorite local rescue group. It’s a great way to give yourself incentive for exercising your own dog.




3. iFetch

This fun new gadget is perfect for dogs that spend a good portion of the day alone and tend to sleep rather than play. Simply teach your dog to drop the ball into the machine, and he can play fetch until he is pooped while you are at work. Goifetch.com 


4. WalkyDog Bicycle Attachment

If you are a biker, start taking your dog along with you using this safe and easy to install attachment. It doesn’t take much to teach your dog to run alongside your bike and this allows him to do so without you having to worry about him running into the tire. Available on Amazon.com


walky dog 


5. FitPAWS Equipment

Nothing gets a dog (or human!) in shape like conditioning. You can create your own doggy gym right at home with these durable products from FitPAWS, which are made to withstand your dog’s nails. Learning how to use them properly is easy with their online help or classes. FitPAWS.com 


Star Walk 


6. Tether Tug

Another great toy for your dog to get exercise while you are away or unable to play with him, the Tether Tug has both an outdoor and an indoor version and is made to withstand tugging, shaking and pulling. TetherTug.com


Star Walk 


7. K9FITvest Exercise Sport Vest

This vest is the first weighted exercise vest for dogs. It allows you to increase intensity and reduce exercise time. Just like with human exercise, please follow directions for use and consult your vet or a canine conditioning trainer prior to using. DogTread.com


Star Walk 


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