6 Products that Say Thanks to Your Dog

We know you are thankful for your dog, so we've rounded up gifts that show just how much you care.

By Kristina N. Lotz. CPDT-KA | Posted: November 25, 2014, 8 a.m. PST

This week, Americans will be sitting down together as families to give thanks for all the things and people in our lives. This year, don’t forget your best friend on four paws. And while he can’t eat that pumpkin pie or casserole, there are other ways to say "thanks” to the one those love is unconditional.

1. Wake & Wag Dog Bed

This high tech dog bed is made from material that was designed for the U.S. military. The soft, flexible engineered plastic that is formed into patented shapes for superior cushioning, is also resistant to tears, cuts, scratches, etc. It is made to be comfortable and durable and is definitely a nice way to tell your dog "Thanks for always being there.”

Wake & Wag Dog Bed


2. GoPro® Dog Mount

Say "Thanks for always sharing in my adventures” with the GoPro dog mount. This Harness allows you to see the world from your dog’s point of view. It has two mounting locations for a variety of perspectives – chest and over the back. It adjusts to fit dogs from 15 to 120 pounds.

GoPro Dog Mount


3. Clickit™ Safety Harness

This is the ONLY car harness that is crash and safety tested and rated. The Clickit™ was picked in 2013 by the Center for Pet Safety as a "Top Performer” in its category. It is the only harness you should buy for your dog for the car, and it’s perfect for saying "Thanks for always coming with me.”

Clickit Safety Harness


4. The Barkery Box

This subscription service gives your dog 4 to 6 unique and hand-crafted items from dog treats to dog care products and accessories each month. They give $1 from every box to a dog related charity and do not give out "sample sizes.” This says "Thanks for not stealing my food.”

The Barkery Box


5. Auto-replenish Bully Sticks

What dogs does not love bully sticks? Tell him "Thanks for not chewing up my Jimmy Choos” by signing up for auto-replenishing bully sticks from BestBullSticks.com. They have every size and shape imaginable, so they are sure to have your dog’s favorite.

Auto-replemish Bully Sticks


6. SnugglePuppie Blanket

This is one of the softest blankets you will ever feel. You are going to want to steal it from your dog, trust me. Its 300g eight makes it soft, vibrant, and long-lasting. It’s the perfect way to say "Thanks for keeping me warm all those nights.”

SnjgglePuppie Blanket


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Cathy   Dakhla, International

11/27/2014 8:32:25 AM

thank you .

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Linsey   Richmond, Virginia

11/26/2014 8:57:07 AM

Thank you so much for including BestBullySticks as one of 6 doggy Gifts you recommend! Can you please change the url in #5's description to BestBullySticks.com? Thank you.

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