Products that Will Make Your Dog Feel Human

These products could be for two-legged kids, but they are going to the dogs!

By Kristina N. Lotz, CPDT-KA | Posted: November 10, 2014, 2 p.m. PST

It’s clear that dogs have become more like furry children than just another household pet. In fact, many women are choosing to have a dog instead of a human child. These dog moms want to treat their four-legged children the same as they would a two-legged one, and the pet product industry is keeping up—providing products you would normally see "just for kids” specially designed for dog instead.


Why does a dog need shoes you ask? Well your human kid wears them so why not your fur-kid too? And they come in all the trendy styles – from light-up sneakers to rubber boots and bunny slippers to UGG®-type boots – if you can buy them for your kid, you can buy them for your dog. (Boots shown are $19.99)

Sherpa Boots


When you pass a stroller you assume there is a baby in it. But, you would probably be wrong about forty percent of the time. More and more people are using strollers as a way to tote their little dogs around and companies are coming out with some pretty fancy ones. Take the PetZip’s "Louie” Monogram Pet Strolleras an example. It has the "mommy tray” with cup holder, front shock absorbers, and a storage basket for toys, treats, shopping bags, etc. $219


Sherpa Boots




Every little girl loves to try on her mom’s pearls, or have her own "diamonds” to play with, and dress-up is part of the fun of having a little girl. Well, those with furry little girls can still play dress up with bracelets, necklaces, rhinestone-encrusted barrettes, and even tiaras made especially for dogs. Talia Dog Boutique has 14K gold-plated necklaces with Australian crystals, a dog’s best friend. $46.99


Crystal Dog Necklace


Video Games

Humans love anything electronic, just look at the lines that form when the newest smartphone or gaming system releases. Apparently, we think dogs feel the same way since CleverPet, the first game system for dogs, just raised almost twice their goal amount on The systems connects to your Wi-Fi and adapts to your dog’s level. Move over Mario, this game’s for the dogs. $279


Cleverpet Video Game



If your son or daughter can wear it, so can your dog. They make everything for dogs nowadays – from practical pieces like raincoats to not-so-practical bikini swimsuits. (Swimsuit from 23.95)


Cleverpet Video Game


Puppy Carriers 

Continuing towards replacing human children with dogs, these carriers enable us to carry puppies or small dogs just like you would a human child – around your front or your back. They even make ones know that are similar to the slings moms wrap babies in to keep them against their bodies.

Cleverpet Video Game

Cleverpet Video Game



Birthday Parties

One of the joys of being a parent is getting to host your child’s birthday each year. A Cute theme, fun decorations, and of course, cake! Even if your child drinks out of the toilet and has fur, you can still create these moments with doggy birthday cakes, t-shirts/dresses/bandanas, party hats, toys, and even customized picture frames!

Birthday Parties


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