What Do Dogs Do All Day?

Owners' videotapes reveal the secret lives of dogs.

By | Posted: Fri Jun 22 00:00:00 PDT 2001

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12:01 p.m. - Poncho continues to bark from the next room, and Holly is finally coaxed away from her food to see what the racket is all about. Apparently unimpressed, Holly settles into her box of puppies. An occasional tiny white tail, paw or ear is visible over the edge of the high-sided puppy box.

12:05 - The barking continues. Holly hops out to check it, climbs to the back of the couch to look out the window, adds a few barks to Poncho's but keeps an ever-vigilant eye on her puppies. Then it's a quick dash to the front room to join Poncho, up around all the furniture, back to the couch, more barking and then, exhausted, back to the food bowl (after all she is a nursing mother eating for five).

12:25 - Holly settles in on the back of the couch but isn't quite able to relax with the "man" of the house making such a racket. At last, the noise quiets.

12:26 - False alarm. Poncho's barking again, and Holly joins in. They sound as threatening as a tiny pair of Maltese can sound. Passers-by, beware!

12:30 - Holly settles in on the seat of the couch for a snooze, but not for long. Renewed barking prompts her to add her hoarse bark to Poncho's shrill yapping whenever she deems appropriate. In fact, every time she settles down to rest, Poncho's bark coaxes her back to the window.

12:45 - Holly needs another nibble after such an exhausting day. Then it's back to the puppy box to feed the brood. Poncho continues his high-pitched serenade.

12:55 - Puppy bath time. Holly settles in for some serious puppy licking.

1:00 - Now that the kids are fed and clean, it's back to the couch for the premium view. Poncho still barks but not constantly  just every couple of minutes to keep the neighborhood in check.

1:15 - Holly disappears. No sign of anyone. Even the puppies are sleeping. Then an inevitable yip from Poncho brings Holly back for a quick puppy check, and another quick snack.

1:30 - Poncho approaches the edge of the room but soon decides the front room gives him a better bark advantage (must be the acoustics).

1:45 - Holly feels the need for another snack (how does she keep her slim figure?), then returns to the puppy box for another feeding.

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