What Do Dogs Do All Day?

Owners' videotapes reveal the secret lives of dogs.

By | Posted: Fri Jun 22 00:00:00 PDT 2001

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1:50 - A tiny puppy peeks it golf-ball-sized white head over the side of the box. Holly's head pops up, too, and she nudges her charge back to his meal.

1:55 - Dinner's over and Mom's on the run again, out to the front, then back to her perch.

2:00 - Of course, Poncho' s still barking that's his job!

One final event of the day wasn't caught on tape: "They left us a few surprises on the carpet," Sand admitted.

And you thought all your dog did was sleep for eight hours! If your dog is anything like Yeshe, Poncho or Holly, and these two-hour glimpses are characteristic of the whole day, your dog probably keeps plenty busy. So don't be surprised if you come home to an unmade bed, a rumpled carpet, an empty refrigerator or a new decorating scheme with a kitchen trash motif, because nobody likes to be bored!

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Mary   LA, California

10/19/2012 8:26:26 AM

your dog shouldn't b barking all day! It sounds like he is stressed out.

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Cynthia Marston   Sweet Home, OR

4/7/2010 5:44:40 AM

I was surprised that even with 2 dogs there was boredom activity...barking

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