Dog Barking Behavior

Discovering the Cause of Barking in Dogs

If nuisance dog barking is a problem, consider these issues to find a solution.

Senior Dog Barking at Night

Aging sometimes brings about personality changes in dogs.

Aggressive Shepherd Dog

Dogs can be protective, but they should never be aggressive.

Breathing and Coughing Complications

An inflammed trachea may be why your dog has difficulty breathing.

British Postgraduate Launches Dog Communication Study

Psychology student plans to record the sounds made by 300 dogs to study how and why they use their voices to communicate.


Bark Control Collar Program Goes Nationwide

Effort designed to reduce nuisance barking, reduce pet abandonment.

Why Dogs Do What They Do

Get to know your dog better by understanding his natural behavior traits.

Better Dog Behavior: Barking

There are four basic categories into which barking falls: alerting, attention-getting, communication and excitement.

Why Does a Dog Bark?

The trick to managing a dog's behavior is to understand the motivation behind it.

Barking for Attention-Getting

Attention-getting barking in dogs can be corrected, provided that the owner is determined to train consistently.


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