Dog Behavior

Shelter Dog Challenges

Your new dog may come with bad habits. You can make them a thing of the past.

Steps to De-Stress Your Dog

Check out a step-by-step desensitization and counter-conditioning program for nervous dogs.

Behavior Chains in Agility

Are you training your dog or is your dog training you?

Conquer Teeter Fear in Dog Agility

Creative ways to take the fear out of this scary dog agility obstacle.

Dog Agility Play Training

Have fun with your puppy when training for future agility championships.


Rising to the Challenge in Agility

Agility training Beagles

Teaching Your Dog Agility Circle Work

Your dog may have mastered agility obstacles, but how well does he handle the flatwork inbetween?

Troubleshooting in Dog Agility

Reinforcement is the key to consistent success.

Clicker Training Basics

Learn how to reinforce your dog’s good behavior using a clicker device and its audio cues.

Dogs That Dig Furniture

Some dogs have a habit of digging in and around the cushions on chairs and sofas. This habit can become expensive if the dog digs vigorously enough to tear the upholstery fabric and expose, or even remove, the stuffing.


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