Dog Training

A Day in the Life:NYC Dog Trainer

Take a peek into the hectic schedule of dog trainer Denise Herman.

Good Canine Test

The Canine Good Citizen test shows that your dog has what it takes to be an awesome companion.

Keep a Strong Hold on Your Dog

How to control a hyperactive dog on a leash.

Conquering Fear of Stairs

Why your dog doesn’t want to climb the stairs.


Showing Teeth a Bad Sign

Use hyposensitization and counterconditioning to teach dog to tolerate grandchild.

Chronic Licking

Is your dog licking everything in sight? Read on.

Why Does My Dog Eat His Own Feces?

Once a dog starts eating his own feces, it's a tough habit to break. Rigorous yard cleanup works best.

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Work with your veterinarian to manage your dog's separation anxiety.

Bringing Out a Dog's State of Mind

Knowing how to fulfill a dog will allow him to live in a balanced way.


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