Dog Training

Chronic Licking

Is your dog licking everything in sight? Read on.

Why Does My Dog Eat His Own Feces?

Once a dog starts eating his own feces, it's a tough habit to break. Rigorous yard cleanup works best.

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Work with your veterinarian to manage your dog's separation anxiety.

Bringing Out a Dog's State of Mind

Knowing how to fulfill a dog will allow him to live in a balanced way.

Understanding the Nature of the Dog Pack

Dog Pack leaders don't project nervousness. They don't project panic. They don't project tension.


Nonverbal Signals Every Dog Owner Should Learn

When your dog recognizes you as the pack leader, you will enjoy the connection that you have sought all along.

Refocusing Your Dog

To refocus your dogs behavior, you must challenge him physically and psychologically.

Understanding Dog Aggression

Dogs become aggressive out of frustration and dominance.

Teaching Humans to Relate to Their Dogs Without Words

The key to earning your dogs respect as the pack leader is to understand the nature of the pack.

Tips for Retraining Humans

Your dog will set the rules if you don't learn how.


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