Dog Training

Defining a Balanced Dog

A dog wants to feel a connection with a strong, stable pack leader.

Discovering the Cause of Barking in Dogs

If nuisance dog barking is a problem, consider these issues to find a solution.

Why It's Important for Dogs to Follow Commands Before Eating

Domestication means that dogs don't have to hunt for food but they still have to work for food.

Calm, Assertive Energy and Calm, Submissive Energy in Dogs

Dogs don't know each other by name they know each other by the energy they project and the activities they share.

Common Feeding Mistakes People Make with Dogs

Food carries a powerful message in the dog world.


Tips for Understanding a Dog who Jumps on Guests

If your dog jumps on you when you arrive home, he's the pack leader.

How to Claim Leadership Over the Dog Pack

Dogs don't follow emotional leaders; they follow calm, assertive leaders.

How to Let Your Dog be a Dog

Dogs are animals, with needs that were created by Nature long ago.

Mastering the Dog Walk

Walking exercises your dog's body and stimulates his mind.

Barking as an Attempt to Communicate

This natural behavior is what dogs use to relate to their pack.


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