Dog-Friendly Yard

Beware: The Top Five Harmful Plants for Dogs

Many plants can harm your dog if she eats a flower or chews on a stem. The ASPCA names the top five.

Dog Pool Safety

Take these three steps to safely introduce your dog to the water.

10 Plants That Can Poison Dogs

Keep your dog or puppy away from these plants.

You and Your Dog: Greening Up Right

6 ways to help your dog tread more lightly on Mother Earth.

Tips for Traveling on the Road with Your Dog

Follow these travel tips when bringing your four-legged friend into your four-wheel drive.


Dogs and Bird Feeder Frenzy

Place wildlife feeders wisely to prevent canine frustration.

Keeping a Dog-Healthy Lawn

A chemical-free lawn is good for the Earth and your dog.

Fencing Options for Dogs

A variety of fencing options can secure your dog and your garden.

Herb Gardens for Dogs and People

Boost flavors and natural health with these grow-at-home herbs for dogs and people.

Make a Dog Pond

Install a dog pond to keep your dog cool and out of the pool.


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