Dog Training

Dogs Sniff Out Black Gold

While some of us are chasing after the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, these dogs are trained to sniff out black gold (aka the black truffle) from under the ground.

Zoom Room: The New Face of Dog Training

Innovative new training centers such as the Zoom Room add fun approach to what can be a life-saving activity.

Dog Bite Prevention Week: Vigilance is Key to Preventing a Bite

The American Veterinary Medical Association is hosting its annual Dog Bite Prevention Week, May 19-25, in order to bring awareness to the 4.7 million dog bites that occur per year across the nation.

Dog Peeing When Excited

Many puppies pee when meeting new people or becoming overexcited. Our expert trainer explains how to help your dog overcome this messy habit.

Crate Training A German Shepherd Puppy

Check out these 12 simple tips on how to crate train your new puppy.


Dog Pulling on Leash

Don't let your dog pull you around. Essential leash training tips to keep your dog from pulling.

New Year, New Tricks

Five new tricks every dog should know.

Crate Training a New Puppy

Learn the best way to use a crate when training a new puppy.

My Boxer Mix Guards His Food

It's possible to train an adult dog not to be food aggressive, but it takes work.

The Canine Curriculum

Dog sports and training build self confidence, social skills in young people.


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