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Five Dog-Kennel Myths, a Exclusive!

Correct these common kennel misconceptions before designing your own dog kennel.

Building a Dog Agility Team

Sue Nettleton and her dogs went from couch potatoes to agility competitors.

Dog-Friendly Design Tips

Well-chosen furniture can make dog homes stylish yet practical.

Expert Cleaning Tips for Dog Homes

Keep your home fresh and clean with these simple tips.

A Flea-Free Life

It’s possible when you target the big three: your dog, your house, and your yard.


Dog-Friendly Home Decorating Tips

Try some of these dog-friendly, yet stylish, decorating tips.

Planning a Garden with Dogs

Keep your dog’s needs in mind as you plan your garden.

Dog Paths Prevent Trampled Yards

Designing a dog path can help prevent a trampled yard.

Dogs and Bird Feeder Frenzy

Place wildlife feeders wisely to prevent canine frustration.

Keeping a Dog-Healthy Lawn

A chemical-free lawn is good for the Earth and your dog.


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