Dog Training

Help for the Night-Owl Dog

Stop your dog’s pre-dawn wakeup call by scheduling feeding and training appropriately.

The Presence of a Protection Dog

When using a dog to thwart danger, an obedient and sizable dog may be the best choice.

Train Your Dog to Wear a Car Harness

Before hitting the highway with your dog, train her to feel comfortable wearing a harness on car trips.

Training a Dog to Wear Halloween Costumes

The trick is treating your dog for good behavior while wearing her outfit.

Video: Train a Rescued Dog Not to Bolt

Melissa Heeter, Purina ProPlan Rally Across America Head Dog Trainer, teaches essential commands for rescued dogs.


Training a Deaf Dog

Training a hearing-impaired dog presents some special challenges.

Proactive Noise Training for Dogs

Help your dog get over her noise phobia with these insightful recommendations.

A Second Helping of Dog

Your current dog might not accept a new canine roommate without proper preparation.

Double Trouble Puppies

Know what to expect before getting two puppies simultaneously.

Spend Wisely on Your Dog

Cut costs on training your dog without sacrificing effectiveness.


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