Dog Training

Crate Training a New Puppy

Learn the best way to use a crate when training a new puppy.

My Boxer Mix Guards His Food

It's possible to train an adult dog not to be food aggressive, but it takes work.

The Canine Curriculum

Dog sports and training build self confidence, social skills in young people.

Runaway Dogs

Learn how to make your dog return to you with these tips.

Calm a Dog’s Fear of Other People

How to help a dog who’s afraid of everyone but his owner.


Help for a Dog-Aggressive Dog

Gradual desensitization will help a dog learn to react calmly and politely when meeting other dogs.

Help for the Night-Owl Dog

Stop your dog’s pre-dawn wakeup call by scheduling feeding and training appropriately.

The Presence of a Protection Dog

When using a dog to thwart danger, an obedient and sizable dog may be the best choice.

Train Your Dog to Wear a Car Harness

Before hitting the highway with your dog, train her to feel comfortable wearing a harness on car trips.

Training a Dog to Wear Halloween Costumes

The trick is treating your dog for good behavior while wearing her outfit.


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