Dog-Friendly Home

Indoor Play for Bad Weather Days

If the weather outside is frightful, bring the fun inside for a delightful time.

Conquering Fear of Stairs

Why your dog doesn’t want to climb the stairs.

Dogs and Babies

How will your dog react when you bring home the new member of the family?

Homemade Dog Food

Keeping it simple is the key to feeding your dog.

10 Tips to Minimize Dog Grooming Mess

You might save money grooming your dog at home, but you still pay a price in a big mess.


Cleaning 101 For Dog Owners

How to deal with common canine messes to maintain a clean and happy home.

Smart Choices to Prevent Messes

Choosing the right surface can make stain removal easier.

Freshen Up for Your Dog's Sweet Dreams

You bathe and groom your dog regularly, but how often do you clean his pet bed or special spot on the couch?

Cleaning Up After Your Dog

Dog Fancy readers share their expert tips for cleaning up after a canine roommate.

Cleaning a Dog's Previous Accident Areas

Discover the best way to clean up a potty accident to prevent reoccurrence.


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