Dog Training

Test Your Puppy Training Skills

Take a quiz to see how much you know about training that new puppy.

Train Your Dog to Dock Jump

Teach your water-loving dog this high-flying, big-splashing sport.

Teacher's Pet

Plan an effective training curriculum for your puppy.

Three Great Puppy Games

Check out these fun puppy games that can help your puppy develop important skills.

Trick Training for Active Dogs

Two fun tricks that use your busy dog’s intelligence and athleticism.


The Benefits of Breed-Handling Classes

Breed-handling classes teach skills to you and your puppy.

Train Your Dog with Food Treats

Teach your dog to Sit and Stay when you open the door.

The DogChannel Newswire (12-20-08)

Dog park concept gets OK in Pacifica, Calif.; biophysics professor finds niche in training dogs; and other news.

Troubleshooting in Dog Agility

Reinforcement is the key to consistent success.

How to Train a Dog to Talk

Will the real-life dogs in TV and movies soon be replaced by technology?


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