Road Rules For Dogs

When traveling with your dogs, the best navigational tools are knowledge and planning.

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Dogs checked as cargo must be in an airline-approved carrier that is hard-sided, ventilated on three sides, and large enough for the dog to stand up, turn around and lay down in a natural position.

Identification. Dogs traveling by air should wear identification in the form
of a collar with tags, as well as identification tags on the outside of their crates. Since collars can damage the hair on a show coat, many exhibitors prefer to avoid collars on show dogs. If you do not want to keep a collar on your dog during travel, have him microchipped by your veterinarian so he can be identified should he become separated from you and his crate.

Breakaway collars. For dog owners who worry that a collar may catch on something and potentially harm the dog during travel, breakaway collars provide peace of mind. Though designed to release automatically if snagged on something potentially strangulating, these collars are none-theless suitable for walking onlead. They feature D-rings that disable the breakaway function when attached to a leash.

Whatever your mode of travel, your dog's safety will be at the forefront of your mind. Remember that dogs, just like humans, are prone to accidents on the road, and your canine companion is counting on you to make safe choices. 

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