Travel with Dogs

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Dog Destination: Big Bear Lake, Calif.

This lakeside resort community provides fun for dogs.

Getting Ready to Fly with Your Dog

10 tips for a safe and comfortable flight with your dog.

Travel Risks You Can't Ignore with Your Dog

Use safety restraints on your dog when riding in the car.

Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

19 things to remember before you go.

Dog Destination: Aspen, Colo.

The Rocky Mountains offer spectacular views for you and your dog.


Welcome to Dogtown USA

In DOG FANCY's search for the best cities in which to be a dog, we discovered innovative shelter programs, generous amenities, thoughtful policies, and many wonderful dog lovers.

The Dog Travel Bag

What to pack in your dog's suitcase.

10 Tips for Easier Air Travel With Your Dog

Precautions to take when flying with your canine companion.

The Dog-Friendly Hotel

Find accommodations that welcome your best friend.

Safe Summer Travel

Dog shows, family visits, camping, hiking, and vacations are on many travel 'to do' lists for people with dogs.


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