A Special Bond With Dog

Research on human breast cancer benefits dogs.

By | Posted: Tue Nov 7 00:00:00 PST 2000

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The most important finding coming out of modern research is that all breast cancers are not the same. One treatment will never cure every tumor because each tumor may be unique. "We're now looking at a more comprehensive approach - to apply a specific treatment to a specific tumor," Dr. Ogilvie said. "Researchers are coming closer to finding ways to shut down tumors at every step of growth and development."

Although Chelsea's original tumor has not returned, a few months ago her veterinarian discovered a new lump in one breast and a tumor on her spleen. Her luck is holding, however - the splenic tumor turned out to be non-cancerous, and the breast tumor, though malignant, was very tiny. "She's always been a tough little fighter," Rubb said, "and we just don't want to lose her. We'll be seeing both our veterinarians for frequent checkups."

Besides being a fighter, Chelsea has a lot going for her - owners who check her carefully and frequently for new lumps and a veterinary team dedicated to catching new problems early. With a little luck, it's likely that Chelsea will continue to warm her owners' home - and hearts - for years to come.

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Cheryl   Livonia, MI

10/30/2007 6:33:49 AM

I hope everything turned out for the best.

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