Is It Cataracts?

Find out what's behind those cloudy eyes.

By | Posted: Mon May 2 00:00:00 PDT 2005

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Postoperative medications reduce complications, which can include infection, inflammation, bleeding, and scarring. Phacoemulsification surgery, which can cost more than $3,000 for both eyes, succeeds 90 to 95 percent of the time, generally restoring normal vision.

Keep Your Dog's Eyes Clear 
Nuclear sclerosis is an inevitable old-age change that you can't prevent. Genetically predisposed dogs and even the most well-regulated diabetics likely will develop cataracts.

You can, however, control a few cataract risk factors: Minimize your dog's exposure to pesticides and other environmental toxins; seek prompt treatment for predisposing conditions such as uveitis and eye trauma; and do not breed dogs who have inherited forms of cataract.

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Beth   Derby, CT

4/19/2011 8:10:30 AM

Very informative. Thank u. It seems as if my dog might have a cateract in one of his eyes. It is very cloudy and very blue in color, getting worse with time. My fear is a large surgery bill that I just cant afford right now. Any suggestions? He is a 20 mo. old Shitzu and was recently diagnosed with colittis. We have spent a small fortune on him already.

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Irene   Santa Clarita, CA

8/1/2008 8:56:07 PM

Great explanation ! Very informative.I will take my dog to a specialist to determine the exact problem.

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