Chiropractic Care for Dogs

Chiropractic care helps dogs stay well adjusted.

By | Posted: Sat Jan 13 00:00:00 PST 2001

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Chiropractic therapy continues to gain momentum in the veterinary community, particularly with canine athletes, overweight dogs or short-legged/long-backed dogs such as Jasper, the Corgi. But it should not be sought in lieu of traditional treatment of infections, fractures, medical emergencies or illnesses, such as pancreatitis or heart disease. Dogs with a congenital disorder, such as spina bifida (where the vertebral column doesnot completely enclose the spinal cord) or acute ruptures of the shock-absorbing disks between the vertebrae also should receive traditional medical care. However, a trained, experienced chiropractor can often help dogs with early-stage disk disease and those recovering from disk surgery.

"I'm convinced chiropractic keeps Scandal and Quasar in good moving health, which is one key to good overall health," Cotter said, adding the dogs, like most Samoyeds, like to work hard and play hard. While her veterinarian's X-rays did not reveal any problems, Scandal's gait improved so much after a single chiropractic adjustment that Cotter takes both Sammies to Dr. Caviness every three months for maintenance adjustments. "It works for my dogs, and that's all that matters."

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