Ear Cropping and Tail Docking, Pros and Cons

DOG FANCY readers support alerting dog owners to ear cropping and tail docking risks.

By | Posted: Sat May 5 00:00:00 PDT 2001

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  • "My husband has a bad memory of having his Doberman's ears cropped. The dog bled really badly. I agree with the counseling. Our Boxers have their natural ears."

  • "I do not believe they need cosmetic surgery. They are our companions and best friends, not our meal tickets at Westminster."

  • "As a former veterinary technician, I can say it's heart-wrenching to watch healthy ears being cut off with a scalpel for a more 'pleasing' appearance. I agree owners should be counseled about the unnecessary pain that they might be causing their dog."

  • "The AKC and all these other show organizations should be ashamed of themselves for promoting such a horrible thing."
  • Disagree

    • "Veterinarians and animal welfare activists should focus their attention where there really is a problem and leave our breeds as they are and always have been. I hope the day never comes when I go to a dog show and cannot readily recognize once docked/cropped breeds."

    • "Cropping is the choice of the owner. I had stitches removed today from my Great Dane puppy's ears. Our vet is top-notch and I have never had a problem. He put the dog under and gave him pain medication afterward."

    • "I had an experience with one veterinarian who adamantly opposed cropping a Doberman's ears. We're not talking advice here; we're talking intimidation! I changed vets. His job is to care for my pet's health, not moralize and pass judgment."

    • "There's nothing wrong with ear cropping. People have been doing this for so many years that the look has become natural and is now part of the breed. Westminster will not accept these breeds without such markings."

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      Stephanie   Phoenix, AZ

      11/4/2010 4:19:22 PM

      As a former veterinary technician, I agree this is an unnecessary cosmetic surgery. These puppies awaken in severe pain and even with pain medication cry and scream in pain while in their kennels for hours after the procedure. I would sit and hold them every free moment I had. It is not like the spay/neuter surgeries or removal of cysts or anything else. These puppies go through extreme pain for our esthedic approval. It's like having to get a nose job without your own approval, going through the pain of the procedure and healing process is unfair just to have your dog look a certain way.

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      Me   Dallas, TX

      3/25/2010 12:55:49 PM

      If we are not supposed to tamper with mother nature when why are people breeding "designer dogs" That's tampering as well. I think owners should be able to make the choice as to wether they want it done or not. There are some breeds out there that just look better with their ears cropped and tails docked. Dobes look much better with their ears done and tails done. I love the look of a pit bull with it's ears cropped. Schnauzers with a tail just don't look the same. It's what we all grew up to see. Deal with it!

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      ADA   NA, OR

      11/18/2008 3:00:10 PM

      A Vet's job is to do no harm. Docking and cropping are cosmetic. The look of cropped ears has NOT become "natural". If it had one wouldn't need a Vet to do it.

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