Smart Owner's Guide: Dachshund

Learn more about this cute and tenacious breed with our Smart Owner's Guide video.

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ken   merlin, Oregon

8/28/2014 12:14:43 AM

Bets one last thought is watch them around cords that are plugged in they will get a mouth full of cord and bite into the wire I saw a dog short out and the cord was wrapped around his nose I was being shocked with my fingers in his mouth trieng to unwrap it he was hurting almost died, this is a big deal,

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ken   merlin, Oregon

8/27/2014 11:58:42 PM

Bets one more thing since they like to chew take advantage of that and buy them round steak bones, the small ones with the marrow in the center. This will give them something else to chew and most important set them up for later years if they will continue to chew them into adult years you will never have to spend hundreds at the dentist and won't have fish breath, this is a big deal, non bone chewing dogs have nasty breath and rotton teeth by age five, expensive and can get bad enough to cause infection and death, round steak bones normally five or six in a pack for three bucks or so.teach them to always have one around they never wear them out but change from time to time for taste I sprinkle garlic powder on them and micro for twenty seconds or-so, or cook on bbBBQ with your dinner they will love it

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ken   merlin, Oregon

8/27/2014 11:41:44 PM

First put your doxies in a kennel that is big enough to move around, while your away best if its not more than a couple hours at a time. Second use the bitter from the pet store on the corners of your furniture. They will stay that playfully for as much as two years or more, third teach them what no means, you can't spank a Dixie it won't do any-good,,and may hurt there spine.but you can appeal to them, they dodon't want to break your heart, older doxies react better to this little ones can't stay focused long enough, but do it anyway talk to them show them how it hurts you, you will find in time they are the smartest one in the house, and do understand human emotion.the behaviour may be just playing or it may be payback for leaving. No kidding smart dose not come close to discribing these guys, my six year old goes p in the house when we return home from camping, he is mad because he likes camping,if a kennel won't work confine them in some way, six by six wire walls etc.they will outgrow this they normally aren't chewers, I have never had one and I have always had doxies,I raised them for years.make them feel guilty is your best no bad puppy they will understand.

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Bets   Louisville, KY

12/24/2013 10:59:48 AM

We have two mini dashshund's one is 10 months female and the other one is 8 month old male, and they both chew and tear up everything when we leave them alone to go out. we turn the tv on and they have toys and food but they still destroy anything and everything. they have chewed the cornors off most of the furniture and the moldings arount the baseboards and doors, and cabinets. it never seems to stop. even when we put them in their room with the gate on the door they destroy. Love them but need help, any suggestions?

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