Dog Health Tip Videos

Watch these dog health tip videos for quick ideas on how to take better care of your dog.

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Beware Blue-Green Algae

Beware of how Blue-Green Algae can affect your dog.

Check Your Dog for Lumps

Grooming your dog is a good time to check for unusual lumps.

Choosing the Right Vet

This video discusses choosing the right veterinarian.

Cleaning Your Dog's Bowl

Cleaning your dog's bowl on a regular basis could help prevent illnesses.

Cleaning Your Dog's Ears

Get some tips on cleaning your dog's ears.


Clip Your Dog's Nails

Prevent problems for your dog related to overgrown nails by clipping them.

Common Canine Joint Disorders

Beware of Hip Dysplasia and Arthritis.

Dog Park Etiquette Tips

Etiquette for dogs and dog owners at the dog park.

Dogs and Allergies

This video contains information about dog allergies.

Finding a Dog Sport

Engaging in a dog sport can create a stronger bond with your dog.


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