Dog Shredding DOG FANCY Video

Watch this funny dog video of a dog shredding an issue of DOG FANCY.


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heyh   yehy, HI

3/25/2009 5:44:23 PM

way too serious

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Rachel   Plymouth/Salem, MI

10/27/2008 3:46:07 PM

I agree with Katie frin Kennewick. Some of you people take this way too seriously and are probably just on here to criticize. Real dog lovers don't criticize. Well, anyways, puppies need to have something to keep them busy. Instead of a magazine, you could give your puppy a frozen towel to chew on. Another fun thing for dogs to chew on is kongs filled with creamcheese or peanut butter. And, I would suggest to the boy that after he finishes his video, then he should get outside and play with his puppy. I have on thing to say to the kid: "Get off your bottom and play with your dog!"
From the paws of: Rachel

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Joseph   Tucson, AZ

8/21/2008 3:08:19 PM

Although it was very funny when the dog just threw the magazine into the air...that kid should have been playing with him! Puppies need to be played with, but Unfortunatly for the magazine the kid only threw out of the way so the puppy would stop distracting him from his game!! (tsk..tsk...) And the guy taking the video thought it was funny when the dog tripped?!?! (although she was O.K) That was still pretty mean. Besides that though very entertaining.

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Katie   Kennewick, WA

7/26/2008 5:40:05 PM

I think it is adorable! For those of you who are saying it's bad behavior, it's not against the law for a puppy to have fun. And there is a lot of time to teach Skip right from wrong. But he's a puppy, and puppies do silly things. That's just their nature.

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