Dog Teaches Baby to Jump

A baby copies a Border Collie’s jumping skills to start jumping on her own.

By | Posted: November 10, 2014, 1 p.m. PST

My 20-month-old nephew loves dogs; he can’t get enough of them. As soon as he sees Roscoe, my pit bull, he starts laughing and runs to him, calling out his name. I love how excited he gets around dogs. They’re great companions for children and babies, and sometimes the two form special bonds.

Some dogs even teach babies new tricks.

We’ve all seen the dog teaching the baby to crawl and the dog who rewarded the baby with kisses. Both are perfect representations of how great dogs and babies are together. And we found another. The dog in this video, a Border Collie named Dakota, shows baby Alexis how to jump in her new Jolly Jumper.

Sabrina Sauve, the parent who posted the video, said in the description "Alexis is learning the jolly jumper. Day(kota) has a love for shadows. Put these two together and what do you get…”

What you get is a whole lot of cuteness. Dakota joyfully pounces on the baby’s shadow. The dog is clearly having a good time and is in turn pleasing the baby to no end. Alexis’s squealing laughter is proof of that (and is absolutely adorable). Seeing how easy jumping can be, Alexis tries it herself, mimicking Dakota’s actions. She gets the hang of it pretty quickly and the two are soon bouncing together.

And when they’re jumping together it’s just added cuteness.

Does your dog get along well with your child? Do they have fun together? Post a video of the two of them to our Facebook page using the hashtags #dogsandkids and #dogfancy.

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