Dog Style

Find out what's hot in dog fashion

Holiday Gifts for the Active Dog

Is your dog more Benji than Carrie Bradshaw? If so, these fun and adorable toys for the active dog will surely delight her.

Dog Perfumes and Sweet-Scented Pooches

A hot new trend in dog fashion, dog perfumes bring upscale elegance to your dog home.

Pimp My Ride

Little dogs and fashionable shoulder totes go together like bread and butter.

Dog Weight-Loss Camps

For an overweight dog, a dog fat camp could be just the thing.

Gourmet Dog Treats

Some dogs won’t settle for a bone.


Puppy Showers of Love

Not just for brides- and moms-to-be, puppy showers specialize in cute.

Smug As a Pug in a Private Jet

So why are Pugs the most spoiled dog breed?

Luxury For Your Dog Unleashed: Traveling in Style

Whether you want one versatile dog carrier or 21 fashion-inspired pet purses, carefully consider your needs.

Luxury Unleashed: What's On Your Dog's List?

Elegant gifts to buy for the pampered dog.

Pampered Dog Lifestyles

From Yorkshire Terriers to Great Danes, dogs throughout the country are experiencing a boon of unprecedented pampering.


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