Dog Style

Find out what's hot in dog fashion

Doggie Day Spa

The latest trend for the pampered pooch.

Deck the Hounds

Dog accessories and jewels abound during the holiday season.

Fully Accessorized Fido

Find out what’s in style for your pampered pooch.

Handbags for Humans — and Dogs

About-town totes emulate women’s purses in form, function, and style.

High-end Jewelry for Hound and Human

You and your dog may be fighting over jewelry-box space.


Special-Occasion Dogs

Every pampered pooch deserves a new outfit for the season’s festivities.

Safely Using Dog Costumes

Prioritize safety when picking out and using a holiday costume for your dog.

Designer Dog Decor

When company comes over, do they trip over chew toys, step in water bowls, and have to move your dog’s oversized bed to have room for their feet by the couch?

Dog-Friendly Home Decorating Tips

Try some of these dog-friendly, yet stylish, decorating tips.

Cool Weather, Hot Fashion

Update your dog’s wardrobe with these fall and winter trends.


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