How Funny is Your Pup?

Get in touch with your dog's inner Seinfeld.


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The Clever Comedian
Typical traits: Smart, independent, attention-seeking.

Fun style: Your puppy has a humorous hidden agenda. These cunning-wolf-type pups can catch you off-guard morning or night. Dr. Burch recalls one day when she wasn't getting her routine together fast enough to take her Welsh Springer Spaniel for an early morning walk. He barked and ran upstairs to the bedroom, came out, stood on the walkway upstairs and dropped my shoes into the living room from the second floor. I covered my head and moved, but as I ran for cover, I was laughing.

Advantage: The fun upside is, this is a puppy that is super-adaptable and will fit in your lifestyle, points out Dr. Coren.

Disadvantage: The not-so fun downside is that Clever Comedians are smart enough to learn what they can get away with-even if you don't like it, adds Dr. Coren.

The Paper Tiger
Typical traits: scrappy, bold, imaginative

Fun style: Your puppy is actually a real fraidy cat hiding behind a facade. Think small dog, big attitude. Despite their size (they're usually, but not always small), they act like they can take on the world. In a dog-eat-dog world, their expectations of what they can and can't do are a tad unrealistic. They are so ridiculous and yet they get away with it-with other dogs and people, says Dr. Wright.

Advantage: Paper Tigers will alert you to anything, from the neighbors cat to a cat burglar. Nobody sneaks up on you when you have dogs like that, says Dr. Coren.

Disadvantage: He adds, They can be a little bit pushy and they can get themselves into situations-especially with other dogs-where they have to be saved by you.  

The Klutz
Typical traits: Cumbersome, slow, laid-back.

Fun style: Your puppy is ready for cartoon action. Remember Goofy, the cartoon dog created by Floyd Gottfredson? This klutzy big ebony hounds infamous walk-part lope, part shuffle-is simply unforgettable. These s-l-o-w dogs have a type of intellect that doesn't show a whole lot of savvy with the world, says Dr. Wright. They're so adorable and dumb. They always have a smile on their faces. You can't help but love them.

Advantage: They are not intrusive, points out Dr. Coren. They'll come in and check to see if you're there and then they'll settle down."

Disadvantage: During catnaps, says Dr. Coren, klutzy pups may unwittingly roll over on things, from your foot to your cat.

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