Danger For Begging Dogs

From french fries to antifreeze, things around the house can hurt your dog if he makes a meal out of them.


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Choking is a major problem with bones. They also can cause stomach and bowel perforations (holes); the bones break apart into very sharp pieces, and some dogs tend to swallow without completely chewing their food.

He also cautions against fatty trimmings from rich meats such as ham, turkey and steak. Fatty foods can trigger pancreatitis.

On the list of foods not to feed your pet are a few that might surprise you. Beckers list of foods to avoid includes:

  • Avocados ­- This fatty food can cause indigestion.

  • Chocolate - Chocolate contains something called theobromine (like caffeine), and ingesting high enough doses of it can cause heart problems and even death in dogs.

  • Food allergies - Common foods such as cheese, sausage, tuna, eggs and tomatoes can cause an allergic reaction in your pet. Instead of sneezing, you might find him scratching his skin until it is raw.

  • Macadamia nuts - These fatty treats can cause indigestion in your pets system. 
  • Milk - Some pets cannot digest a sugar (called lactose) that dairy products contain. This can cause diarrhea.

  • Onions - This vegetable can cause a blood disorder in dogs. Now, dogs very seldom sit down to a big plate of grilled onions but it makes sense to avoid feeding your pup foods that may cause an adverse reaction.

  • Raisins/grapes - Raisins and grapes can cause kidney problems in dogs leading to a fatal condition. So, don't share your box of raisins with your pooch.

Dogs also have in-gested tobacco products such as cigarette butts, loose tobacco, medicinal patches and gums, and suffered from nicotine poisoning. It is amazing that dogs will eat loose tobacco, but I guess when they see their owners putting it in their mouths, they must think its a treat. Wow, this sure is bad human and canine judgment!

Household Hazards
While some common household products aren't considered food, they are extremely toxic to dogs, which have been known to ingest them. Antifreeze/coolant, which is used to cool a cars engine, has a sweet taste to dogs. If they lick up just a small amount off the driveway, they can become extremely ill. If you see any antifreeze or coolant leaking from your parents cars in the garage or driveway, ask them to please mop it up immediately

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