Indoor Play for Bad Weather Days

If the weather outside is frightful, bring the fun inside for a delightful time.


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Other Diversions
Window watch. Dogs love to watch the world go by, and when its too cold to go outside, having a window to look out of can keep them from being bored. Molly enjoys a bird feeder outside her window. She just watches the birds, but when a pesky squirrel comes, she gets her exercise running to the door and back to the sofa in hopes of going out to give chase!

Interactive toys. Remember how much fun puzzles were when you were really little? Puzzle toys for dogs are just as much fun and help dogs think creatively. These puzzles usually involve soft plush toys that dogs have to take apart. Mollys favorite is a tree stump with three squeaky squirrels she has to work to get out.

Treat-dispensing toys. Food-motivated dogs love treat dispensers. Instead of just giving your dog a treat, he has to work for it. Many of the toys have to be pushed to release the treats; others require chewing. These toys are adjustable so once your dog learns how to trigger the treat, you can make it more challenging for him to get the treats. Look for toys that are sturdy and can hold up to hard play. Try using a beach towel to tie the treat dispenser up to increase the challenge of getting the treat.

Bubbles. For indoor fun, many dogs love to chase bubbles. Look for dog bubbles in different flavors such as bacon, peanut butter or chicken. Use your own hot air or get a bubble blower to get the fun going.

Most indoor games can be adapted to your dogs size. Small dogs need less room; finding a place to let your big dog play inside might be a challenge. Look for a long hallway, preferably carpeted (for paws), and let your big dog play tennis ball fetch. Also, uncluttered basements and garages usually have more room for big dogs to romp.

You also can use time indoors to hone your training skills. Learning new tricks exercises your dogs brain; it is as tiring as physical exercise. It also means time spent with him, where your focus is just on him.

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